"We are Man United and we never give up!"

"We are Man United and we never give up!"

Cristiano Ronaldo is 'Mr. Champions League'. If he plays in an important Champions League game, he will probably score. On Wednesday night he did it once again, this time against Atalanta in the 81st minute to score the winner and complete United's comeback at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo scored, won the three points and cheered up the fans through social media. He posted four pictures on his Twitter profile next to a motivational text made for the 'Red Devils'.

"Yes! The Theater Of Dreams is on fire! We are alive! We are Man. United and we never give up! This is Old Trafford!, wrote the Portuguese forward. 

This type of messages and gestures towards the fans are more important than what it looks like. Cristiano Ronaldo is boosting the group's morale, which is really important as the first step to becoming a strong team is a strong mentality and United had it tonight as they never gave up and ended up getting the win.

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