15 cool things to do with VPN

As of 2020 people have noted a growing concern about their internet safety. From the net neutrality controversies of the 2010s to the whole concept of Web 2.0, the Internet has been increasingly voyeuristic so to speak.

That’s where VPNs come into play. The main service VPNs provide the protection of your private data and mask your online traces. By using a VPN all of your data is rerouted through remote VPN servers, thus hiding your IP address, and even occasionally encrypting your data. But let’s not get down to the nitty-gritty details of VPN instead let’s see what you can do after you acquire it.

1. Watch movies, shows, and other forms of visual media

Movies are great! But their legality still functions on a half-century-old system that prioritizes regionality instead of globalized networks. That means that a lot of content gets region locked. The perfect example is how Netflix has certain shows available in Europe while they are locked behind a separate service in the US. Using a VPN avoids these region-locks so that you can watch whatever you want at any time. And all with no more than 3 clicks of a button.

2. Avoid ISP throttling

Video Game Platforms

Video game streaming platforms are all the rage these days. And if you want to upload such content you may be at risk of throttling by your ISP. In short, ISPs will intentionally slow down your upload and download speeds if you exceed a certain limit. This is a big problem for streamers and content creators as their speeds can be ground to a halt midstream. But with VPNs, your ISP will never know the precise amount of data you used and therefore won’t be able to target you.

3. Increase public security

Public Security

Everyone likes using free wifi after all, who doesn’t like free stuff. But these public networks come with serious security risks. Using VPNs gives you an extra layer of protection that might deter unwanted connections. No matter if you’re just surfing for the nearest cafe or creating the next revolutionary invention, safety should be your primary concern

4. Shop online with ease

Shop Online

Oftentimes online shopping automatically restricts you to your region. This isn’t a big deal in the US as prices are relatively the same across the continent. But for example in Europe, there’s a collection of smaller countries that are all in a tight cluster. With each having its own taxes and profit margins it can oftentimes turn out cheaper for customers to order from a neighboring county and then go pick it up during the weekend. VPNs enable you to change your location online and shop wherever you want in the world without any pesky redirections.

5. Avoid detection while asking embarrassing questions

It’s quite embarrassing to know that the government could at any time pull out the most embarrassing questions you asked online. From ‘How are babies made?’ to ‘Is the moon made out of cheese?’ all of these questions have answers online but knowing they could be pinned to specific people can really bring the redness to their faces.

6. Avoid trackers

On the contemporary internet trackers are everything. From marketing analysis to actual safety precautions. But they are everywhere and they do seriously compromise your online privacy. This is the main reason why everybody should have a VPN. Otherwise, every second website you’ve ever clicked on will by now have your entire biography on their sites.

7. Gain freedom of speech

Freedom of speech
Authoritarian governments have gone on a rampage these last few decades. Stamping out freedoms left and right. One of those freedoms was the right to free speech through the internet. People in China, Iran, North Korea, etc. rely on VPNs to safely communicate with the rest of the world. These are crucial lifelines through which people survive in these authoritarian hellscapes and while you may live in a significantly safer space, taking care of your privacy is key.

8. Book cheaper online tickets

Plane Ticket

Booking online flights have become quite a pain. But if you change your location with VPN ticket sites will lower your prices based on a variety of factors

9. Hide your location

If you’re an isolationist, you should probably consider using a VPN as it can fully mask your online footprint. This allows your house to be fully hidden from the world.

10. Avoid expensive international calls

International Calls Apps

International calls with apps like Skype can rack up quite a bill. But with VPNs, nobody would ever know that you’re half a continent away.

11. Access the ‘Dark Web’

Curiosity never killed the cat, right? Well if your curiosity ever takes you into these dark corners of the internet make sure to have a VPN, otherwise you might suffer serious consequences.

12. Secure multiple devices

Secure Multiple Devices

VPNs are a whole package deal. They protect all of your devices from unwanted hackers and privacy intruders. This means that if you use a VPN you should make sure to install it on all your computers, smartphones, and tablets.

13. Connect to remote networks

Working online has liberated millions from the grey monotony of the office. But some jobs require a higher level of security that only a VPN can provide. That way your company can rest easy knowing its data is safe.

14. Torrent things safely

Let’s be honest, there are some things online that you simply can’t have legally. From retro out-of-production games to old-school movies that you can only find on Betamax. So your only solution is to use Torrent services and dig out all the restricted files from there.

15. Unlock international geo-restricted libraries


Knowledge is power. And to hold that power some countries geo-restrict their academic and educational content. By using a VPN you can avoid these lock and teach yourself about all the secrets of the universe.

16. Use VPN for remote working and better SEO

VPN technology is helpful in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis as it gives an insight into the requirements of your client’s target audience, based in a completely different region. Using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to an external server enables you to securely access the Internet and do in-depth research on your client’s wants and needs. Search engine optimization (SEO) gives your company a ranking that reveals whether or not its digital marketing strategies are successful.

You can do digital marketing from just about any place, including your pajamas. Despite the fact that where you live has nothing to do with the duties at hand, you may be unable to work remotely in some jurisdictions due to legal restrictions. On top of that, hackers and data thieves may have an opening if you use public Wi-Fi. But if you use a trustworthy VPN, you won’t have any of these problems! You may safely communicate with customers and gain access to vital information. That means you can work carefree from anywhere on your Social media small business marketing!

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