What Marketing Strategies Do Bookmakers Use in Canada to Advertise Their Services?

Many people assume that some online bookmakers are more prevalent in Canada than others just because they have better services. While this is true up to a point, the reality is that some iGaming brands spend a lot of money on marketing because this allows them to reach out to way more clients.

Of course, certain companies do not need that much marketing because of their popularity. For example, one of the most crucial elements of Betway Canada reviews is live betting, a feature that has helped this site become immensely popular in this country. In fact, it’s just one of the things that this brand uses to reach out to new users and offer them a quality product.

Bookmakers have different marketing strategies, and they usually depend on the country. Since those in Canada are different from those in other states, let’s learn more about what we can expect.


Bookmakers pay for ads

Ads have been the go-to option for all sorts of companies, especially in the last couple of years. Even though the gambling industry has a lot of specifics and there are different limitations in terms of the things you can advertise, many sites in Canada take full advantage of the current laws.

You can find ads about gambling sites all over the place. Sure, they’re not on TV yet (many countries in Europe allow gambling ads on TV), but you can find them online. Google is the preferred platform for ads for gambling sites because it can target those who’ve been interested in it. Albeit expensive, bookmakers are willing to pay the price because it allows them to attract a lot more clients than usual.

Different kinds of sponsorships

Since all sites run ads, sometimes, this is not enough for a gambling operator to stand out. As a result, many of them are way more innovative than the rest and have decided to start sponsoring some of the top-tier clubs or athletes in Canada. Although this is really expensive and doesn’t always guarantee results, bookies and casinos have been using it for some time now because it allows them to be different.

There are different kinds of sponsorship deals out there, so it really depends on the bookmaker and its marketing strategy. Some sites will only invest in a sport that’s popular among Canadians and will focus on specific teams or players. However, you can find brands that are all over the place because they want to grab the attention of as many people as possible.

Besides using teams to advertise their services, you can often find specific operators in partnership deals with some of Canada’s biggest sports stars. Courtesy of social media, these people can have a big impact on the popularity of a given product, and the iGaming operators use this to their advantage.


Social Media Marketing

Known as SMM, this has been the go-to option for marketing all sorts of services, and gambling is also not an exception. However, due to its specifics, only a few people can advertise gambling on social media, and they have to be really innovative because their accounts can get in trouble.

In terms of the platforms that bookies in Canada are using, Instagram is the go-to option because it has one of the largest followings in the world. With that said, Twitter and Facebook are close behind, and the same applies to YouTube. The last one is probably the most interesting on the list because the bookies themselves often create YouTube channels where they share more information about their products or advertise specific games.,

Speaking of YouTube, some sites pay given creators to mention their brand several times or use a banner. Instagram is slightly more complicated because of the platform’s Terms of Service, but we can see that even people like Drake advertise gambling companies.

Since millions of people in Canada use social media, this has proven to be one of the most interesting and effective marketing strategies. However, it is very risky because gambling laws change all the time, so there might be a situation where bookies invest millions into it and realize that they can’t use it to their advantage.

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