Why is betting so hard?

Placing a bet has never been easier than today when anyone can download an app and invest some money in a sports game trying to make a significant profit. Most people bet because of joy or competing with their friends but there are groups of people called bookmakers that actually live on this. No one can predict the outcome of the game and no one can be one hundred percent sure their bet will go through and bring them profit. That is why betting is a hard discipline to rely on when it comes to making money regularly.

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In sports betting, everything is based on laws of numbers, odds, probabilities, and percentages. Since every sport you actually can place a bet on is different from the standpoint of rules, it makes it even harder to be successful in betting. The real probability of one team winning in a specific game and the number of placed bets on the particular outcome dictates and directly affect the odds. Bigger the odds, the less money you will get.

There are tons of different parameters which make a bet process. These include individual player performance in that game, squad strengths and weaknesses, their motivation to win that specific game, the tactics, their mood that day, and many more. To be a successful bookmaker, you need to carefully examine these parameters and form a bet accordingly.

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Sports matches are utterly unpredictable which is another reason why betting is so hard. There are the favorites but even the core underdogs can do something and win the match! New players in the betting world come intending to make big money in a short space of time and they face a slap very quickly when they realize the betting is not what they thought.

The only side that makes a profit with every bet is the bookie that sets the odds, accepts and places bets, and eventually pays out winnings to the people. But they take the percentage of your wager which can be up to 10%. To be a successful long-run bookmaker, your ROI or Return On Investment should be greater than 53%.


Betting is nothing else but taking risks which often eat the individual who place a high-money bid on the game with the bigger odds. He is usually convinced by the bookies the particular game he put money on will go through which will bring him a fortune. Ultimately, he ends up with a high money loss which is too difficult to restore.

However, experienced bookmakers have two tips on what to pay attention to, and what to bypass.

  1. To begin, it is recommended that you focus just on one sport. Study all of its elements and rules to get competency in it, and you will know whether you have chosen the appropriate one if it begins to drive revenue.
  2. Rather than investing large amounts of money, invest moderate sums! As previously said, it is a rookie mistake to invest large sums of money to make even more money. This is not how betting works, and you will not stay long in this business if you do it.

The fact that you have exceptional knowledge about some sports won’t change the fact that you won’t experience a tough time if you want to have betting as your main source of income. Being a sports fan does not guarantee success in betting, whatsoever!

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Sports betting is an entertaining thing to do, but if you expect to get wealthy overnight, you are mistaken! Sports betting is a game of chance, and to be successful, a strong combination of time, effort, learning, and luck is essential. Remember to use the tips we’ve given you and bet responsibly!

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