10 Awesome Sports Betting Podcasts Worth Your Time

There are dozens of sports betting podcasts available. Some are intriguing and informative, but others are…not worth your time. Some enjoy humor, others all-22 analysis, others trends and social commentary, and many like a blend. The Sports Handle crew recommends these 24 podcasts for new bettors, sharps, and those seeking industry information. All of these should improve your performance at legal mobile sportsbooks.

  1. Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman’s “Bet The Board”

Payne and Fuhrman are involved. Matchups, players, accidents, macro-tactical football, training, line motion, and sharp and square positions are discussed. Monday and Thursday nights, they deliver (for an hour and fifteen minutes each). Podcast offseason. Weekly “best bets” don’t demand action or opinion. Analysis and expertise are crucial. Their high-quality podcasts have garnered a following.


  1. Radio show podcast hosted by Adam Burke from ATS

As a daily broadcast, Adam Burke’s ATS Radio (formerly known as Bang The Book) is a must-listen. Burke, a seasoned podcaster, consistently provides entertaining and informative content. Burke often features top-tier industry experts, such as professional handicappers, sports bettor analysts, and sports journalists, who share their insights and expertise. They also show games from the MLB, NBA, and college football and basketball seasons. Burke puts in the work.


  1. The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

Action Network Podcast is a popular feature. Sports Handle’s owner also owns TAN for openness. This weekly sports podcast is knowledgeable, interesting, and topical, winning several honors. Most weeks have many sports-themed episodes. The show focuses on golf, NBA, and NFL, although hosts and guests also debate the Kentucky Derby and the Oscars. If sports interests you, it’s worth listening to.

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  1. Even Money’ with Ross Tucker and Fezzik

Steve Fezzik, a sports bettor and the podcast’s host: NFL tackle turned media magnate Ross Tucker. Tucker’s field and locker room experience make him a useful contributor. He can judge the mental and physical game, circumstance, travel demands, and Xs and Os matchups. Tucker and Fezzik rate their picks and best bets from the previous week to stay honest and learn from mistakes. The two have been together for 3-4 years. This is a great option if you’re limited on time yet want to hear something intriguing.


  1. You Better You Bet’ with Kostos and Locky

You Better You Bet provides a detailed discussion of closing line value, crucial stats, and other gambling information for a deep roster of sports. It avoids the personal life discussions of many other podcasts, yet its co-hosts are vibrant. Nick Kostos, a longtime sports radio presenter, combines fan passion and gambler misery. Ken “Locky Lockerson” Barkley reacts with a more didactic tone and industry knowledge. The pair combines thorough dives on the newest lines with interviews of sports betting experts. The show airs live weekdays from 4 to 8 p.m. EST on Audacy and on podcast platforms.

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  1. Circles Off

Circles Off deliver. No fancy music or production. Rob and Johnny discuss the day’s main sports stories. They really take off when they interview key personalities in sports betting, getting into long-form discussions of their background and professional experience. The interviews are always intriguing and offer tips on sports betting and life.


  1. ‘Gamble On’ with Eric Raskin and John Brennan (Apple Podcasts and U.S. Bets)

Gamble On focuses on the gaming industry, featuring veteran journalists Eric Raskin and John Brennan. It focuses on New Jersey and Pennsylvania sports betting, Raskin and Brennan’s home states. A duo with good chemistry greets media persons, bookies, lawmakers, and sports bettors before placing bets using a fictional payroll and resisting sucker parlay bets. This podcast mixes serious and humorous sports betting topics.

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  1. Bet the Process’ with Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma

This podcast features Jeff Ma of the MIT blackjack team and Rufus Peabody of the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship. Both men embraced analytics as they covered sports betting from all perspectives. The handicap and evaluate most major sports, including football, college football, and basketball. They investigate pro bettors’ problems, U.S. sports betting regulations, etc. Smart guys and a good listener.


  1. The Simple Handicap’

Adam Chernoff discusses NFL line moves. His daily podcasts analyze where the value sits and why the data are leaning one way or another. Adam riffs about NFL games and odds for 15-20 minutes per episode. Adam’s podcast is a must-listen for NFL bettors.

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  1. Establish The Run

Adam Levitan, the host, explores every facet of the National Football League. Away from football season, he follows other sports, such as college basketball, but the NFL still makes up the bulk of his writing. Adam and his co-host Evan Silva devote considerable time to discussing each team, resulting in more in-depth information than is available from competing podcasts. Consider giving Adam a listen if you’re a serious player in the worlds of fantasy football and/or daily fantasy sports. He will share with you some insider secrets that are unavailable elsewhere.

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